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Future Engagements – Booking spaces for year 2017 was filled in mid-year. Spaces for 2018 is becoming filled and new engagements are being taken for year 2019. If you or your group would like to reserve a spot, please contact Sam Mihara as soon as possible and indicate your group description, location and preferred dates.

Summary of Results in 2017 – In January, 2017, the annual visit to UCLA was held with a special audience of history honors students. In February, the first of the speaking tour system was activated. In a single trip to the NYC area, speeches were made at Princeton, Columbia Law School, Hofstra University and several NYC law firms. In March, a visit to Atlanta included Emory University, a law firm, a national teachers’ conference and the Japan Society of Georgia. April included a revisit to U.C. Berkeley and a church. May included tours of Nebraska, Dallas, San Francisco and San Diego. In June, speeches were made at California Holocaust Museums, a California Courts conference and a Rotary Club. July included several museums, a law school and a church in Wisconsin. Also in late July was the speech and guiding task at the Pilgrimage at the Heart Mountain Wyoming prison site, which saw a new record attendance since the new museum / school was opened in 2011. August included a speech at a retirement community center in California. September was very busy with a speaking tour of Chicago, a joint appearance with a Muslim attorney, the headquarters office of the American Bar Association and presentations in Indiana and Tennessee. November included a national conference of judges and lawyers with over 300 attendees in Long Beach, California. Also a speaking tour of Indianapolis and Greensburg Indiana was held. The latter included a symposium on discrimination including experts in Asian, Black, Muslim, Holocaust and a member of the Indiana Supreme Court. December includes a speaking tour of New York City and Greenwich, Connecticut. The year 2017 has been a busy year. 2018 is expected to be similar, if not busier.



January 29 – San Francisco – Lick Wilmerding H.S.

January 29 & 30 – Oakland CA College Prep School Keynote

February 6 – Pasadena CA – Claremont College

February 20 – Irvine, CA – Univ. of Calif. Irvine

March 13 – Chicago – Chapman & Cutler LLP

Spring 2018 – Richmond VA – Virginia Holocaust Museum (T)

April 19 / 20 – San Antonio TX – National Council of History Educators – Keynote Speech

April 28 – Indianapolis – Indiana Holocaust Museum (T)

April – Hmong National Conference (T)

May 21 – Chicago – Baker McKenzie LLP (T), Jenner & Block LLP (T)

May 22 to 24 – NYC – Willkie LLP, Rockville Centre School, Kramer Levin LLP

July 27 to 29 – Heart Mountain Wyoming Pilgrimage

October 15 – Boston – Harvard University and Harvard Law School (T)

November 10 – Atlanta – Appellate Judges Education Institute Conference (T)


Fall 2019 – Princeton University (T)

Fall 2019 – Yale University and Yale Law School (T)

October 2019 – Columbia Law School (T)

Letters of Recommendation


From the University of Texas
From the Virginia Holocaust Museum


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