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Future Engagements – Booking spaces for year 2016 are filled. New engagements are being scheduled for 2017 with many spaces taken until October. If you or your group would like to reserve a spot, please contact Sam Mihara as soon as possible and indicate your group description, location and preferred dates.

New Presentation in Los Angeles – On September 24, a new production, MEMORIES OF FIVE NISEI, was held at the Japanese American National Museum. The show was a sellout with a waiting line at the entrance to the theater. The program featured the testimony of five Japanese Americans who told of their memories on the imprisonment in desolate U.S. camps. The combination of Powerpoint photos, video clips and personal testimonials was blended into a smooth flowing story from start to finish. The audience reaction was highly favorable. As measured by a survey after the performance, all respondents stated a high degree of satisfaction with the presentation. On the feedback, 100% of the respondents stated descriptors like “Very well done, excellent, great, outstanding and fantastic”. This may set a precedent for future similar presentations. A DVD of this performance may be ordered through this website on the “SHOP” page. Please feel free to ask questions on the “CONTACT SAM” column of this page.

Harvard Law School Results – Here is what a leading faculty member wrote after the presentation on October 18. Michael Klarman, Harvard Law School Professor of Constitutional Law and Constitutional History:

“As someone who has taught American Constitutional Law and Constitutional History for 30 years, I found that Mr. Mihara’s presentation added invaluable context to what otherwise can seem an abstract debate over an issue that people today have a difficult time fully relating to. The cartoons illustrating anti-Japanese sentiment and the photographs from the internment camps, together with Mr. Mihara’s valuable accounts of the life stories of people in the photographs, brings to life the enormity of the injustices involved in the World War II internment of Japanese-American citizens.”



March 29 – April 1 – Atlanta –
– National History Teachers Conference
– Alston and Bird LLP
– Emory Law School
– Georgia State University & Japan America Society

April 15 – JANM / LA – Santa Anita Camp Commemoration

April 26 – Berkeley, CA – University of California Berkeley

April 29 – Manzanar CA Pilgrimage

May 3 – Irvine, CA – University of California Irvine

May 6 – JANM / LA – Annual Gala Dinner

May 10 – Omaha NB – Metropolitan Community College and Omaha Area Speaking Tour

May 18 – Dallas TX – Baker Botts LLP with national CCTV

May 19-20 – Heart Mountain Wyoming – Board Meeting

June 4 – Los Angeles – Museum of the Holocaust

June 7 – Los Angeles – California Courts Conference

July 5-7 – Madison, Wisconsin – University and Civic Groups

July 8 – Manitowoc, Wisconsin – Maritime Museum

July 26-30 – Heart Mountain Wyoming – Annual Pilgrimage

August 15 – Las Vegas – Manzanar Reunion

September 19 – Fullerton CA – Cal State Univ. Fullerton

October 6 – 8 – Heart Mountain WY – Teachers Conference

October 28 – Salt Lake City – Utah Teachers’ Conference

October 28 – Salt Lake City – University of Utah

November 1 – Berkeley CA – University of California

December 4-6 – New York City – Law Firms and Universities

December 6 – Philadelphia – Universities and local civic groups

December 8 – Richmond, Virginia – Holocaust Museum


January 2018 – San Francisco – Lick Wilmerding H.S.

February 20 – Irvine, CA – University of California Irvine

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From the University of Texas
From the Virginia Holocaust Museum


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