Photos of the Heart Mountain Japanese Prison Camp

009 Flag at Raphael Weill School

013 Nakamoto family

014 Helene cropped with girl

015 SF Chronicle headlines

019 Removal Notice

022 Military Orders

038 Buses loaded


043 divided into two rooms, Tanforan

057  Arrivals at Ht Mtn under guard

060 boarding trucks

080  Workers paid $8 to $19 per mo.

082 Scrap lumber for furniture

083 shoe repair. UC Bancroft

088 Chickens raised

093 Boy Scouts

094 Japanese Chess

095 Football

096 swiming hole

097 Ice skating

098 Japanese Theater

099 First couple married by Cody minister

100 Babies were born

101 Fire Dept

102 Police Force

103 Court House

110 Served in military

151 Ht Mtn today

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